Science Fiction & Fantasy Television

Various (TV), 1960


Twilight Zone - The Original Series: Season 1

The complete first season of Twilight Zone, the classic American television sci-f...


Christopher Hodson, Vic Hughes, 1984



Adapted by Anthony Read from John Wyndham's novel, this Thames TV sci-fi series for children sees...


Fiona Cumming, Tony Virgo, 1983


Doctor Who: Kamelion Box Set

Two tales featuring the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison and the shape-changing androi...


Michael Ferguson, 1966


Doctor Who: The War Machines

The TARDIS arrives in London in 1966 and the Doctor and Dodo visit the Post Offic...




Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks

Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor tangles with his arch-nemesis and creator of the Daleks...


Various (TV), 2012


Merlin: Complete Series 5

All 13 episodes from the fifth series of the BBC fantasy drama set in the mythica...


Various (TV), 2011


Recommended Star

Game of Thrones: Season 1

The complete first season of HBO's medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones - based...


Various (TV), 2008


Doctor Who - The New Series: The Complete Series 4

Hot on the heels of the acclaimed third series, Doctor Who returns for a fourth i...


Piers Haggard, 1979


Quatermass: The Complete Series

Nigel Kneale's final adventure for Professor Quatermass. A four part Thames telev...


Mark Hall, Chris Taylor, 1983


The Wind in the Willows (1983)

Animated version of Kenneth Grahame's much-loved children's tale made by Cosgrove...


Various (TV), 2013


Recommended Star

Game of Thrones: Season 3

The complete third season of the HBO medieval fantasy drama based on the best-sel...


Various (TV), 1970s


The Omega Factor: The Complete BBC Series

The complete series of BBC's classic, controversial sci-fi drama from the 1970s, ...


Various (TV), 1967


The Avengers: The Complete Series 6

The sixth series of The Avengers bids farewell to Diana Rigg's Emma Peel and intr...


David Maloney, 1969


Doctor Who: War Games

The Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Jamie and Zoe are captured and witness a series of war games stag...


Doug Naylor, 2009


Red Dwarf: Back to Earth

This feature-length episode of the popular sitcom, originally shown on TV as a th...


Jamie Payne, 2013


Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor and Other Eleventh Doctor C...

Contains The Time of the Doctor and Other Eleventh ...


Douglas Camfield, 1968


Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

Broadcast in February-March, 1968, mostly missing from the archives, and eventual...


Danny Huston, 1987


Mister Corbett's Ghost

A made-for-TV fantasy drama starring John Huston in one of his final screen roles, Mister Corbett...