Science Fiction & Fantasy Television

Greg Yaitanes, 2003


Children of Dune

Twelve years after Maudídib's universal jihad against the imperial armies, all known planets are ...


Various (TV), 2013


The Walking Dead: Season 4

All 16 episodes from Season 4 of the post-disaster survival adventure series whic...


Various (TV), 1968


The Invaders: The Believers Box

Both seasons of the 1960s US cult TV series in which architect David Vincent (Roy...


Various (TV), 2009


Merlin: Complete Series 2

All 13 episodes from the second series of the BBC drama set in the mythical city ...


Richard A. Colla, 1978


Battlestar Galactica

In the deepest reaches of space, the fight to save all human life from extinction has begun in th...


Various (TV), 2013


The Walking Dead: Season 3

All 16 episodes from the third season of the US zombie adventure drama based on t...


Various (TV), 1962-63


City Beneath the Sea / Secret Beneath the Sea: Complete Series

A highly popular sequel to ABC's smash-hit Pathfind...


Various (TV), 1990-91


Star Trek the Next Generation: The Complete Season 4

All 26 episodes from the fourth season of the first...


Derek Martinus, 1970


Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space

The first Doctor Who series to be made in colour, Spearhead From Space (written b...


Peter Moffatt, 1982


Doctor Who: The Visitation (Special Edition)

The Doctor attempts to take Tegan back to Heathrow Airport - but the Tardis arriv...


Various (TV), 2013


Fringe: Season 5

All the episodes from the fifth and final season of the sci-fi television drama, co-created by JJ...


Max Lang, Jan Lachauer, 2012


Room on the Broom

From the creators of The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom is a magical half-hour film based on Julia D...


Various (TV), 2012


The Walking Dead: Season 2

The end of civilization was just the beginning for Rick Grimes and the other surv...


David Lynch, 1997


Recommended Star

David Lynch: Collection

Six films from the celebrated and idiosyncratic American director, David Lynch - ...


Various (TV), 1996


Space: Above and Beyond (Complete Series)

All 23 episodes of the science fiction drama from 'X-Files' writers James Wong an...


Alan Bromly, 1979


Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

Two spacecraft fuse in a hyperspace collision, and with the dimensional instabili...


Various (TV), 2011


The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Series 1-5

All two-part episodes from the first to fifth series of the 'Doctor Who' spin-off...


Various (Animation), 2002-03


Futurama: Season 5

All the episodes from Season 5 of Matt Groening's futuristic animated series, following 20th-cent...