Films starring Anne Heywood

The Nun And The Devil

Domenico Paolella, 1973

More fun with nuns, this time starring former Miss Britain Anne Heywood as a mother superior in peril from a murderous nun. More

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Recommended Star

Violent Playground

Basil Dearden, 1958

A 1950s British drama, Violent Playground sees Stanley Baker's detective reassigned to the position of Juvenile Liaison Officer for the city of Liverpool, wh... More

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90 Degrees in the Shade

Jiri Weiss, 1965

A rare gem of a film that was a British/Czech co-production, 90 Degrees in the Shade was filmed in Prague before the Soviet clampdown of 1968 and nominated f... More

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Ralph Thomas, 1956

A British crime drama that will appeal to classic sports car enthusiasts, Checkpoint sees a man (Stanley Baker) hired by a motor racing team to steal a rival... More

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Petticoat Pirates

David MacDonald, 1961

Charlie ‘The Worker’ Drake teams up with Anne Heywood for this seagoing comedy. As a loveable, timid stoker engaged to foil the plans of a gang of mutinous W... More

£6.66 DVD

The Chairman

J. Lee Thompson, 1969

An espionage thriller, The Chairman stars Gregory Peck as the American scientist who is sent to China to steal the formula for a newly developed agricultural... More

£13.99 DVD