Films starring John Alderton

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The Eric Sykes Collection

Eric Sykes, 1988

A fantastic compilation from one of Britain's best loved comedians, Eric Sykes, containing The Plank (1979), If You Go Down In The Woods Today (1981), Rhubar... More

£11.99 DVD

Little Miss: The Complete Original TV Series

Various (TV), 1983

All 13 episodes of the Little Miss series, based on the characters created by Roger Hargreaves and narrated by John Alderton and Pauline Collins. The stor... More

£7.99 DVD

Forever Green: The Complete Series

Various (TV), 1989-92

All 18 episodes of the ITV drama series about a city couple relocating to the countryside. Jack and Harriet Boult, played by real life couple John Alderton a... More

£23.99 DVD

No, Honestly: Complete Series

Various (TV), 1974

This gentle, romantic sitcom stars the real-life partnership of Pauline Collins and John Alderton as a couple recounting the eventful earlier years of their ... More

£16.99 DVD

The System

Michael Winner, 1964

A drama set in a British seaside village where the local young men mingle with the summer tourists in search of sexual conquests. The group's leader, Tinker ... More

£11.99 DVD

Please Sir

Mark Stuart, 1971

A two-week stay in the country excludes class 5C, but their master is able to convince the headmaster that it's just what they need. One of the first and bri... More

£6.99 DVD

Please Sir!: Complete Series

Various (TV), 1968-72

John Alderton stars as Bernard ‘Privet' Hedges, a fresh young teacher assigned to Fenn Street Secondary School, in this ITV comedy classic. Any dreams Bernar... More

£34.99 DVD

The Upchat Collection

Various (TV), 1978

Sitcom favourites John Alderton and Robin Nedwell share the role of a homeless writer with a highly appropriate pen-name in this set containing both series o... More

£11.99 DVD

Thomas and Sarah (Complete)

Various (TV), 1979

The complete series of the spinoff from 'Upstairs Downstairs', that followed the lives of parlour-maid Sarah and chauffeur Thomas after leaving service with ... More

£23.99 DVD

Upstairs Downstairs: Complete

Various (TV), 1971-75

The entire collection of long-running 1970s LWT costume drama based on the lives of the masters and servants of 165, Eaton Place. Set at around the turn of l... More

£69.99 DVD