Films starring John Alderton

Eric Sykes, 1988


Recommended Star

The Eric Sykes Collection

A fantastic compilation from one of Britain's best loved comedians, Eric Sykes, c...


Various (TV), 1983


Little Miss: The Complete Original TV Series

All 13 episodes of the Little Miss series, based on the characters created by Rog...


Various (TV), 1989-92


Forever Green: The Complete Series

All 18 episodes of the ITV drama series about a city couple relocating to the cou...


Graeme Muir, 1972


My Wife Next Door


Various (TV), 1974


No, Honestly: Complete Series

This gentle, romantic sitcom stars the real-life partnership of Pauline Collins a...


Mark Stuart, 1971


Please Sir

A two-week stay in the country excludes class 5C, but their master is able to convince the headma...


Various (TV), 1968-72


Please Sir!: Complete Series

John Alderton stars as Bernard ‘Privet' Hedges, a fresh young teacher assigned to...


Michael Winner, 1964


The System

A drama set in a British seaside village where the local young men mingle with the summer tourist...


Various (TV), 1978


The Upchat Collection

Sitcom favourites John Alderton and Robin Nedwell share the role of a homeless writer with a high...


Various (TV), 1979


Thomas and Sarah (Complete)

The complete series of the spinoff from 'Upstairs Downstairs', that followed the ...


Various (TV), 1971-75


Upstairs Downstairs: Complete

The entire collection of long-running 1970s LWT costume drama based on the lives ...