Films starring Cornel Wilde

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Forever Amber

Otto Preminger, 1947

A 17th century romantic adventure, Forever Amber stars Linda Darnell as an amorous courtesan who is able to conquer any man - except the one she really wants... More

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A Song to Remember

Charles Vidor, 1945

Nominated for 6 Oscars, the Technicolor biopic A Song to Remember was one of the most successful filmed biographies of the 1940s, presenting the fictionalise... More

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The Big Combo

Joseph H Lewis, 1955

A society girl is trapped in a queasy, erotic relationship with a mobster fighting out a private vendetta with a cop in this raw film noir thriller set in a ... More

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Beach Red

Cornel Wilde, 1967

Cornel Wilde directs, produces and stars in this 1960s anti-war film set in the Pacific in 1943. American assault crafts attempt to retake a Pacific island h... More

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Leave Her to Heaven

John M. Stahl, 1946

Classic melodrama starring Gene Tierney as a father-fixated girl who picks a husband (Cornel Wilde) because of his resemblance to her father, but is then con... More

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Robin Hood Collection

Gordon Douglas, Terence Fisher, 1960

Features The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (Levin & Sherman, 1946), Sword of Sherwood Forest (Fisher, 1960) and Rogues of Sherwood Forest (Douglas, 1950). In ... More

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The Bandit of Sherwood Forest

Henry Levin, George Sherman, 1946

Swashbuckling Technicolor adventure in which Cornel Wilde plays Robert of Nottingham, son of Robin Hood, who goes to the aid of the Queen Mother and Lady Ca... More

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