Films starring Jayne Mansfield

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

Raoul Walsh, 1958

A salesman for a London sporting gun company, Mr. Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More) heads west to supply firearms to cowboys. Despite his impeccable manners and ... More

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Jayne Mansfield: From Hollywood to Yorkshire

Neil Sean, 2012

In April 1967 Hollywood icon Jayne Mansfield arrived in the mill town of Batley, West Yorkshire for a week's long engagement at the Batley Variety Club. Jayn... More

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Kiss Them For Me

Stanley Donen, 1957

A light-hearted wartime comedy starring Cary Grant, Ray Walston and Larry Blyden as three navy war heroes who are booked on a morale-building 4 day 'vacation... More

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Promises! Promises!

King Donovan, 1963

Jayne Mansfield bares almost all in this sexy shipboard romp in which, after a drunken spree, two women discover that they're pregnant, and set out to find w... More

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The Challenge

John Gilling, 1960

The usually kittenish Jayne Mansfield plays against type as a female crook in this stark British crime drama of greed and betrayal. Tough-as-nails Billy (Man... More

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