Films starring Eric Bogosian


Atom Egoyan, 2002

Specifically an exploration of the genocide of the Armenian people during 1915-18 and the shadows that it casts to this day, this is also more generally a lo... More

£5.99 DVD


Joyce Chopra, 2001

Two-part TV mini-series based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde is a semi-biographal portrait of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Starring Poppy Montgo... More

£11.99 DVD

Cadillac Records

Darnell Martin, 2008

The tale of Chess records, home to some of the greatest rhythm 'n' blues artists the US ever produced, gets the Hollywood treatment in Cadillac Records. Foll... More

£8.99 DVD

Talk Radio

Oliver Stone, 1988

Regarded as one of the finest films of Oliver Stone's career, Talk Radio sees Eric Bogosian (who also wrote the screenplay) play a controversial late-night, ... More

£16.99 DVD