Films starring John Fraser


Roman Polanski, 1965

A superbly realised psychological thriller with Catherine Deneuve as a a sexually repressed young beauty who descends into a vortex of madness and lurid hall... More

£12.49 DVD

The Good Companions

J. Lee Thompson, 1957

Adapted from JB Priestley’s famous novel charting the ups and downs of a struggling touring concert party, The Good Companions is an endearing musical comedy... More

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Recommended Star


Karel Reisz, 1968

Isadora Duncan was the most iconic free-style dancer of the 20th century, and a woman who courted both admiration and scandal in equal measure. Her unique st... More

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Tunes of Glory

Ronald Neame, Ronald Nearne, 1960

A strait-laced officer takes up his new posting as CO of a Scottish Highland regiment, but clashes with his easygoing predecessor every step of the way in th... More

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Lady Killers: The Complete Second Series

Various (TV), 1981

All seven episodes from the second series of Lady Killers - the drama that brings to life the trials of famous murderers. Each of the episodes tells the self... More

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Valley of Song

Gilbert Gunn, 1953

Valley of Song tells the story of hapless small-town boy Geraint Llewellyn. Having spent five years in London, Geraint returns to the Welsh village where he ... More

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Waltz of the Toreadors


Aka The Amorous General. A saucy romp based on the play by Jean Anouilh. Sellers plays the randy General who has retired to Sussex to write his memoirs. Howe... More

£12.99 DVD