Films starring Anton Diffring

The Crooked Sky/Scarlet Web

Charles Saunders, 1957

Double collection of British crime dramas. In 'The Crooked Sky' (1957), American detective Mike Conlin (Wayne Morris) is brought in by Scotland Yard to inves... More

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Recommended Star

Circus of Horrors

Sidney Hayers, 1960

A lurid shocker from 1960 in which a plastic surgeon on the run after disfiguring the face of a patient hides out in a circus, where he transforms the faces ... More

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Ralph Nelson, 1967

Lionel Evans (Charlton Heston) is the director of a well-respected symphony orchestra touring liberated European concert halls as the Allies push the Nazis b... More

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Naked Fury / Mark of the Phoenix

Maclean Rogers, Charles Saunders, 1957-59

Double bill of British 1950s crime dramas: Naked Fury (Saunders, 1959) and Mark of the Phoenix (Rogers, 1957). Naked Fury: Whilst robbing a bank, four men... More

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The Beast Must Die (Annett, 1974)

Paul Annett, 1974

A rich sportsman invites eight guests to his house with the knowledge that one of them is a werewolf. He devises a game of suspense whereby the guests must g... More

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The Traitor

Michael McCarthy, 1957

A 1950s British mystery drama set after WWII, The Traitor sees a German Jewish doctor and former French resistance fighter discover that many of his former c... More

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