Films starring Anton Diffring


Ralph Nelson, 1967

Lionel Evans (Charlton Heston) is the director of a well-respected symphony orchestra touring liberated European concert halls as the Allies push the Nazis b... More

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Naked Fury / Mark of the Phoenix

Maclean Rogers, Charles Saunders, 1957-59

Double bill of British 1950s crime dramas: Naked Fury (Saunders, 1959) and Mark of the Phoenix (Rogers, 1957). Naked Fury: Whilst robbing a bank, four men... More

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Recommended Star

Circus of Horrors

Sidney Hayers, 1960

A lurid shocker from 1960 in which a plastic surgeon on the run after disfiguring the face of a patient hides out in a circus, where he transforms the faces ... More

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The Beast Must Die (Annett, 1974)

Paul Annett, 1974

A rich sportsman invites eight guests to his house with the knowledge that one of them is a werewolf. He devises a game of suspense whereby the guests must g... More

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The Traitor

Michael McCarthy, 1957

A 1950s British mystery drama set after WWII, The Traitor sees a German Jewish doctor and former French resistance fighter discover that many of his former c... More

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