Films starring Linda Fiorentino

The Last Seduction (Special Edition)

John Dahl, 1994

Wendy Kroy is not who she seems. Hitting town and knocking the male population for six, she twists Mike around her little finger. Little does he know, she ha... More

£10.99 DVD


Kevin Smith, 1999

In this comedy parable, a couple of fallen angels attempt to re-jig the entire cosmological system. More

£5.99 DVD

Men in Black

Barry Sonnenfeld, 1997

After chasing a fugitive with an advanced alien weapon, New York cop James Edwards (Will Smith) finds himself recruited to the MiB, a top secret agency in ch... More

£5.99 DVD


Jeffrey Hornaday, 1991

Texas, the 1950s. The arrival of a new music teacher for the wayward boys at the Benedict Home For Boys sees the introduction of a new kind of music to the s... More

£8.99 DVD