Films starring Maxwell Reed

Wall of Death

Lewis Gilbert, 1951

This 1951 Nettlefold production stars Laurence Harvey as 'Mag Maguire' a likeable fairground prizefighter, and Maxwell Reed as 'Eddie Racer' a bad-boy motorb... More

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Marilyn / Stock Car

Wolf Rilla, 1953-55

A pairing of films from Wolf Rilla, his directorial debut, Marilyn (1953) and Stock Car (1955) Marilyn: Sandra Dorne plays Marilyn, the sexy young wife of... More

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The Brain Machine

Ken Hughes, 1954

Produced at Merton Park Studios for Anglo-Amalgamated, The Brain Machine is a sci-fi flavoured mid-fifties thriller starring Patrick Barr and Scotland Yard s... More

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Sea Devils

Raoul Walsh, 1953

Rock Hudson swashes his buckle in this classic tale of spies and smugglers based on Victor Hugo's Toilers of the Sea. As Britain faces Napoleon's invasion fl... More

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The Square Ring

Basil Dearden, Michael Relph, 1953

A boxing drama based on the stage play by Ralph W. Peterson that follows the lives of five different fighters and their reasons for taking to the ring. A sin... More

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