Films starring Alan Badel

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The Woman in White

John Bruce, 1982

An outstanding BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collinsí Victorian mystery thriller, this 1982 serialisation of The Woman in White features an excellent cast and, ha... More

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Dick Clement, 1968

Tom Courtenay stars as petty thief and garbage rummager Gerald Otley, who wakes up one morning after a drunken night on the town, and finds that he is wanted... More

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The Day Of The Jackal

Fred Zinnemann, 1973

Based on Frederick Forsyth's book, The Day Of The Jackal is about a plot to assassinate De Gaulle. Edward Fox is superb as the chillingly efficient hired ... More

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Three Cases of Murder

Wendy Toye, David Eady, 1951; 1955

Unseen for many years, Three Cases of Murder and Return To Glennascaul are a treat for lovers of British film. The main feature is an excellent portmanteau i... More

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Stanley Donen, 1966

An Oxford professor of languages is hired by a mysterious oil magnate to decipher a secret message. High speed, high class tale of Middle Eastern intrigue s... More

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Will Any Gentleman?

Michael Anderson, 1953

George Cole plays a meek bank clerk, for whom a trip to the theatre changes his life, as he undergoes hypnosis and leaves without being woken up. Suddenly, h... More

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Bill Brand: The Complete Series

Various (TV), 1976

Set in the mid-1970s and reflecting the complexities of that turbulent decade, Bill Brand stars Jack Shepherd (Wycliffe) as a newly elected left-of-centre La... More

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