Films starring Mark Rylance

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Institute Benjamenta

Quay Brothers, 1996

Jakob (Mark Rylance) wants to be of service. Admitted to a peculiar school for servants run by domineering Johannes (Gottfried John) and his sorrowful sister... More

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Twelfth Night: Globe Theatre

Tim Carroll, 2012

One of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies, Twelfth Night was ‘blissfully reborn’ (The Daily Telegraph) for the 2012/13 season at London’s Globe Theatre where ... More

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Wolf Hall


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Wallenberg: A Hero's Story

Lamont Johnson, 1985

Made-for-TV drama based on the life of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat credited with saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews in World War II. ... More

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The Peter Kosminsky Collection

Peter Kosminsky, 2005-10

A collection of works by the British director, producer and writer, Peter Kosminsky, comprising: 'The Government Inspector' (2005), 'The Promise' (2010) and ... More

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Wolf Hall


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