Films starring Albert Lieven

Recommended Star

Anna Karenina (Cartier, 1961)

Rudolph Cartier, 1961

Sean Connery and Claire Bloom star in the BBC’s 1961 adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s romantic masterpiece, Anna Karenina. When the beautiful young aristocrat ... More

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Recommended Star

The Seventh Veil

Compton Bennett, 1945

Overripe and enjoyably OTT melodrama as a fragile concert pianist convinced she will never play again is cured by a psychiatrist who guides her through her p... More

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Conspiracy of Hearts

Ralph Thomas, 1960

A 1960 British drama starring Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms and Albert Lieven, Conspiracy of Hearts was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Film Promoting Inte... More

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Subway in the Sky

Muriel Box, 1959

A military doctor in Berlin is falsely accused of illegal dealing in drugs. Determined to prove his innocence, he escapes and ends up hiding out in his wife'... More

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Death Drums Along the River

Lawrence Huntingdon, 1963

A murder investigation unearths a nefarious diamond smuggling setup in Africa in Death Drums Along the River - a British/German co-production, filmed in Sout... More

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