Films starring Joan Chen

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Lust, Caution

Ang Lee, 2007

During WWII in China, a beautiful spy begins an affair with a powerful political figure to facilitate his assassination, but complex emotions complicate her ... More

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24 City

Jia Zhang-ke, 2008

Drama-documentary based on the closure of a factory in the Chinese city of Chengdu. Scenes of the factory in operation and subsequently being dismantled and ... More

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Filmed on location in the People's Republic of China, this exotic adventure epic tells of the founding of Hong Kong, and the merchant chiefs who traded the S... More

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The Last Emperor (Director's Cut)

Bernardo Bertolucci, 1987

Bertolucci's Oscar-winning epic about the last imperial ruler of China was a winner of 9 Oscars, including Best Picture. It tells the true story of the Last ... More