Films starring Mary Beth Hurt

A Change of Seasons

Richard Lang, 1980

Karen Evans (Shirley Maclaine) is the long-suffering wife of her college professor husband Adam (Anthony Hopkins). However, when Adam admits he has been cond... More

£8.99 DVD

Autumn in New York

Joan Chen, 2000

Following in a long tradition of Hollywood May-December romances, Autumn In New York is the story of a pair who finds love when each least expects it. Will K... More

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Woody Allen, 1978

A serious Allen film focusing on a middle class American family whose three grown up daughters must consider their father's choice to trade in his depressive... More

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Light Sleeper

Paul Schrader, 1991

Drifter John LeTour is a loyal, lumbering, insomniac 40 year-old ex-junkie runner for the local drug baroness (Susan Sarandon). John begins to see the impor... More

£9.99 DVD

The Walker

Paul Schrader, 2007

This third entry in Paul Schrader's 'lonely man' trilogy (after American Gigolo and Light Sleeper) centres on a ladies' escort (Woody Harrelson) in Washingto... More

£7.99 DVD

Untraceable (Rental)

Gregory Hoblit, 2008

A dark thriller set in a division of the FBI dedicated to investigating and prosecuting criminals who commit crimes on the Internet. When an Internet predato... More

£76.99 DVD