Films starring Preston Foster


André De Toth, 1947

Veronica Lake stars in this Western following the feud between a wilful local girl and the landowner whose advances she spurns. As the daughter of Ben Di... More

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Annie Oakley

George Stevens, 1935

Rip-roaring RKO western starring Barbara Stanwyk as the sharpest shooter in the Old West. Annie Oakley is just a gal from the Ohio backwoods but her skil... More

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Gene Tierney Collection (Studio Stars)

Various (Compilation), 1941-47

Five films starring one of the great leading ladies of the 1940s, Gene Tierney, best known for her portrayal of the enigmatic murder victim in Preminger's cl... More

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My Friend Flicka

Harold Schuster, 1943

A young boy (Roddy McDowall) is determined to befriend and tame a wild horse in this screen version of Mary O'Hara's novel. Despite the fact that his chosen ... More

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Recommended Star

The Last Days of Pompeii

Ernest Schoedsack, 1935

Directed by the team behind King Kong, Ernest B. Schoedsack & Meriam C. Cooper, The Last Days of Pompeii sees Preston Foster play a gentle blacksmith who, br... More

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George Sherman, 1951

1950s western, set in 1866, in which the US government attempts to negotiate a passage through Sioux territory in order to reach gold in the Montana Mountain... More

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