Films starring Ralph Bates

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The Agatha Christie Hour: Collection

Various (TV), 1982

The Agatha Christie Hour is a collection of ten hour-long ITV dramas based on a selection of short stories from the immensely popular crime writer. Featuring... More

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Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Roy Ward Baker, 1971

Cheeky Hammer twist on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror yarn, with a little more style than much of the studio's later output. Ralph Bates plays the V... More

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The Horror Of Frankenstein

Jimmy Sangster, 1970

Another Hammer re-telling of the enduring tale, this time with elements of black comedy and a fresh-faced Victor Frankenstein. More

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The Caesars (Complete)

Derek Bennett, 1968

Made in 1968 and broadcast to tremendous critical acclaim, The Caesars was one of the last great drama productions made in black and white for ITV by Granada... More

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Dear John: Series 1 and 2

Various (TV), 1986

Laughs from the classic TV sitcom Dear John, in which John Lacey joins the '1-2-1 Club' for divorced people after his wife runs off with his best friend. Ral... More

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Fear In The Night (1972)

Jimmy Sangster, 1972

Recovering from a recent nervous breakdown, a young woman (Judy Geeson) moves with her new husband (Ralph Bates) to a rural boarding school where she meets t... More

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The Agatha Christie Hour Volume 1: Magnolia Blossom / The Case...

John Frankau, Michael Simpson, 1982

Two dramas from The Agatha Christie Hour -Magnolia Blossom and The Case of the Discontented ... More

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The Monster

Peter Sasdy, 1975

Aka I Don't Want to be Born. Joan Collins plays a retired nightclub owner, whose happy marriage is wrecked by an outsized pregnancy, and a murderous baby tha... More

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Ultimate Hammer Collection


21 classics from Hammer studios, which alongside Ealing remains one of the most successful British studios of all time. Contains She (1965), The Nanny (1965)... More

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