Films starring Christopher Cazenove

Eye of the Needle

Richard Marquand, 1981

Big-screen adaptation of the espionage thriller by Ken Follet. Faber (Donald Sutherland) is a Nazi spy, who poses as an Englishman when he is shipwrecked on ... More

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The Agatha Christie Hour: Collection

Various (TV), 1982

The Agatha Christie Hour is a collection of ten hour-long ITV dramas based on a selection of short stories from the immensely popular crime writer. Featuring... More

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Shadow Run

Geoffrey Reeve, 2000

Michael Caine stars in this British crime thriller directed by Geoffrey Reeve. The film follows Haskell (Caine), an experienced criminal, who is asked by his... More

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Aces - Iron Eagle 3

John Glen, 1991

Lou Gossett, Jr. returns to his role as leader of a unique brand of international war aces in this spectacular conclusion to the high-flying Iron Eagle serie... More

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Kane and Abel: The Complete Mini Series

Buzz Kulik, 1985

The complete TV drama Kane and Abel, based on the novel by Jeffrey Archer, which sees two men - one a Harvard educated socialite, the other a Polish orphan -... More

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Lady Killers: The Complete Second Series

Various (TV), 1981

All seven episodes from the second series of Lady Killers - the drama that brings to life the trials of famous murderers. Each of the episodes tells the self... More

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The Agatha Christie Hour Volume 5: The Mystery of the Blue Jar...

John Frankau, Cyril Coke, 1982

Two dramas from ITV's The Agatha Christie Hour - The Mystery of the Blue Jar and The Red Sig... More

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The Fantasist

Robin Hardy, 1986

Patricia Teeling (Moira Harris) leaves the rural farming community she grew up in and moves to Dublin where she discovers a wonderful world of eccentrics and... More

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