BFI Quiz

BFI Quiz

As the Carl Theodor Dreyer Collection continues to sell well on Blu-ray, this month's quiz takes its inspiration from the fact that the Danish director used to own his own cinema in Copenhagen. 

In order to win three BFI DVDs, simply log into your MovieMail account (or follow the easy steps to sign up) and select your answers to each of the 15 questions. Members have until 31st August to make their submission. 

Good luck and do check out the other BFI titles available from MovieMail.

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Esteemed Danish film-makers seem to have a thing about cinemas. Urban Gad, Forest Holger-Madsen and Carl Theodor Dreyer all ran picture houses in Copenhagen. What was the name of the venue that Dreyer managed for 16 years to his death in 1968?

- The Mermaid
- The Dagmar
- The Tivoli