Science Fiction & Fantasy B-Movies

Byron Haskin, 1952


The War of the Worlds (Haskin, 1952)

The action is shifted from Victorian London to 1950s California in this film vers...


Jack Arnold, 1957


The Incredible Shrinking Man

After an exposure to a strange mist, Scott Carey begins to shrink, with every ste...


Karl Freund, Arnold Jack, 1932, 1954


The Mummy / Creature From The Black Lagoon

Horror double bill with the original and still unsurpassed version of The Mummy -...


Peter George, 1987


Surf Nazis Must Die

When the California coast is ravaged by a massive earthquake the beaches are left in a state of a...


W. Lee Wilder, 1953


Phantom from Space

UFO thriller from director W. Lee Wilder about an extra-terrestrial who lands in America and spar...


Eric Forsberg, 2010


Mega Piranha

B-movie sci-fi horror. When a team of Venezuelan scientists genetically mutate the already fearso...


Irving Pichel, 1950


Destination Moon

Produced by the legendary George Pal, adapted from a novel by the even more legendary Robert Hein...


Richard Elfman, 1980


Forbidden Zone

A madcap musical fantasy, The Forbidden Zone features a bizarre world of frog butlers, topless pr...


Ford Beebe, Ray Taylor, 1940


Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: Episodes 1-12

Box set featuring all 12 chapters of the classic 1940 Saturday morning serial sta...




Flash Gordon Space Soldiers: Collection

All thirteen episodes of the classic space adventure serial, starring Buster Crab...


Jeff Keen, 1967-2000


Gazwrx: The Films of Jeff Keen

Jeff Keen began making films at the age of 37 when his art school film society ne...


Richard Haines, 1986


Class of Nuke 'Em High

Low-budget cult favourite about a school where the kids mutate into hideous monsters, psychotic p...


Richard Elfman, 1980


Forbidden Zone (Limited Edition)

A madcap musical fantasy, The Forbidden Zone features a bizarre world of frog but...


Alex Cox, 1984


Repo Man (Masters of Cinema) (Limited Steelbook Edition)

Arguably the defining cult film of the Reagan era, ...


Brian Yuzna, Jack Sholder, 2001


The Fantastic Factory Collection

Zombies, spiders, demons and werewolves loom large in this collection of four gor...


Quentin Dupieux, 2010



A surrealist B-movie comedy horror, Rubber tracks the outrageous antics of a killer tyre. Rob...


Larry Blamire, 2009


The Lost Skeleton Returns Again

Larry Blamire's sequel to his 2001 B-movie pastiche 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra...


Larry Blamire, 2001


The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Larry Blamire wrote, directed and stars in this comedy spoof of a 1950s sci-fi B-...