Winstanley: Warts and All - Kevin Brownlow's book available now!

3rd June 2009

Winstanley, MovieMail's recent exclusive DVD from the BFI, proved extremely popular so we're sure that many of you will be interested in this excellent making-of (or, how-not-to-do-it!) book by the director.

In the words of Kevin Brownlow:

"My first book was How It Happened Here, about the making of my first film. As a film historian, I thought I should keep a careful record of the making of Winstanley as well. It was written immediately after the events had occurred, when my memory was vivid. The manuscript sat on the shelf for thirty-four years, but reading it back recently I found some of the verbatim dialogue, especially the excuses from the laboratories for ruining our precious film, very amusing - which I certainly didnít at the time.

David Gardiner of UKA Press suggested putting it into print at last, since they had already reprinted How It Happened Here. UKA Press have been very generous with photographs, and combined with the DVD, just released by MovieMail, the book makes a fascinating example of how-not-to-do-it for any budding film-maker."

We've seen a copy and we're impressed. You can learn more at UKA Press, RRP just £10.99