The Sea Inside and 72 Metres Triumph At European Awards Ceremonies

1st February 2005

The results of the Spanish and Russian equivalents of the Oscars have been announced.

The Sea Inside, the hugely-acclaimed euthanasia drama starring Javier Bardem, the Oscar-nominated actor from Before Night Falls, won an unprecedented 14 Goyas (out of 15 nominations), and, most impressively, every one of the six principle actors and actresses in the film won and acting award – Bardem (Best Actor), Lola Duenes (Best Actress), Celso Bugallo (Best Supporting Actor), Mabel River (Best Supporting Actress), Tamar Novas (Best New Actor) and Belen Rueda (Best New Actress). Surprisingly, Pedro Almodovar’s Bad Education did not receive a single award, despite being nominated in some of the major categories, including Best Film.

Meanwhile 72 Metres, a submarine drama about a Russian crew stranded at sea, won the Best Film prize are the Golden Eagles in Russia, the equivalent of the Oscars founded by Burnt By The Sun director Nikita Mikhalkov.

Controversially, Nightwatch, a fantasy Russian blockbuster that was Russia’s entry for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, did not score a nomination in the Best Film category. Valerie Todorovsky won the Best Director award for My Step Brother Frankenstein, a family drama about a one-eyed soldier returning home. Francis Ford Coppola, who met President Vladimir Putin earlier in the day, won a special award for his contribution to World Cinema.