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What is region encoding?

Most DVDs are encoded with a Region. For example, DVDs sold in the USA are Region 1 and DVDs sold in the UK are Region 2.

Region encoding means that DVDs will only play on a DVD player from the same Region. So a Region 1 DVD from the USA will not play on a Region 2 only player from the UK. However, Multi-Region players which can play DVDs from any region are widely available.

Most of the DVDs MovieMail sell are Region 2. But we also sell a select range of Region 1 DVDs - sourced from Canada - that are otherwise unavailable in the UK.

To play these DVDs you will need a Multi-Region or North American DVD player. Our Region 1 titles will not play on a Region 2 DVD only player.

Is my player multi-region?

Many UK DVD players sold in the UK are multi-region and therefore able to play DVDs encoded with any region code. To find out if yours is multi-region, check the player's instruction manual and the box it came in – it's a key selling point that the manufacturer will usually highlight – or speak to the shop you bought it from.

NTSC Compatibility

Region 1 DVDs are designed for American NTSC format televisions. In the UK, we use PAL format televisions. However, most televisions sold in the UK in the last 5 years will automatically switch between PAL and NTSC, so Region 1 DVDs should play with no problems.

However, if you have an older television set, please check the instruction manual or speak to the shop you bought it from to make sure it is NTSC compatible

Import Tax and Duty

The Region 1 DVDs we sell are despatched from Canada and therefore are subject to import duties or taxes which may be levied when the order reaches your country.

If a charge is made, Royal Mail will pay the customs charge on your behalf and hold the package at your local collection office until you settle the balance. Import Duty on DVDs is 3.5% of the value and you may also be required to pay VAT if the order is worth more than £17.99. Finally, there may be a Royal Mail admin fee of £8

These charges are solely your responsibility.

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