The Mole People DVD

Virgil Vogel, 1956


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Film Details

Directed by Virgil Vogel

Produced in 1956

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - American film

Film Description

A classic fifties B-movie in which archaeologists Dr Roger Bentley (John Agar) and Dr Jud Belamin (Hugh Beaumont) stumble upon a race of Sumerian albinos living deep under the Earth where they keep mutant humanoid mole men as their slaves to harvest their food. They come to believe that Bentley and Belamin are messengers of Ishtar and give Bentley a slave, a beautiful woman named Adad (Cynthia Patrick) who is shunned by the albinos because of her tanned skin. Ada and Bentley fall in love and he invites her to the surface - if they can ever get out....

DVD Details

Certificate: PG

Publisher: FCE

Length: 74 mins

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 31st January 2011

Cat No: FCE027

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