The Blue Planet: Special Edition DVD

B B C , 2000


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Film Details

Directed by B B C

Produced in 2000

Main Language - ENGLISH

Countries & Regions - British Film

Film Description

This definitive natural history of the world's oceans covers everything from popular shores and teeming shallows to the mysterious open depths. Two-thirds of the planet is covered by the oceans and yet they remain largely unexplored and certainly under-filmed. This series changes that and subsequently changes our views of the deep.

The Blue Planet: Special Edition

DVD Details

Certificate: E

Publisher: BBC

Length: 558 mins

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 3rd October 2005

Cat No: BBCDVD1792

DVD Extras

  • Three discs
  • 3 new programmes: The Abyss, Dive To Shark Volcano & Amazon Abyss.

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The Blue Planet: Special Edition

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