Spooks: The Complete Season 1 DVD

aka MI-5, Justin Chadwick, 2002

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Film Details

Directed by Justin Chadwick

Produced in 2002

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - British Film

Film Description

All 6 episodes of the first series of the BBC series documenting the missions of MI5 agents, aka 'the Spooks'. In 'Relationships', Zoe (Keeley Hawes) is sent to investigate when a car bomb explodes in Liverpool, killing a family planning doctor and her daughter. Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) then discovers that a well-known pro-lifer has managed to get back into the country despite being sentenced to death in Florida. 'Risk' sees Helen (Lisa Faulkner), a recent recruit, posing as Tom's wife as the pair go deep undercover to get close to a racist ringleader after the team uncover connections between senior politicians, far-right activists and the mass killing of immigrants. In 'Office Politics', Zoe is undercover attending a function at the State Consulate of Turkey when the building is stormed by Kurdish freedom fighters. When Tessa (Jenny Agutter) watches the CCTV footage from the embassy taken immediately before the siege, she is shocked to see her former secret lover, who she thought had been killed in a car crash 15 years earlier, at the scene of the crime. 'Trust' sees Tom's girlfriend Ellie (Esther Hall) running out of patience with Tom's lies, and him finally confessing his true role to her. Meanwhile, trust is wearing thin between Zoe and Tessa as the security build-up prior to a Presidential visit reveals a tangled and corrupt web of connections. In 'Friends', the media are whipped into a frenzy when an ex-MP is released from prison after serving a sentence for embezzlement. In the midst of the madness, the plot thickens when a double agent is murdered. In 'Do or Die', Tom meets up with a renowned Irish terrorist and strikes a deal to elicit crucial information. But the terrorist gang insist that they go unwatched for 30 hours in return for the information, and Pearce (Peter Firth) thinks this is a very bad idea. Meanwhile, Ellie and her daughter move in with Tom just as he unwittingly brings home a booby-trapped laptop. Will he be able to enter his maximum security home in time to defuse the bomb and save their lives?

DVD Details

Certificate: 15

Publisher: E1

Length: 354 mins

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 widescreen

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 28th February 2011

Cat No: EO10733

Subtitles: English

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