Spartacus: The Complete Collection DVD

Various (TV), 2010-13

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Film Details

Directed by Various (TV)

Produced in 2010-13

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - American film

Film Description

The first three series plus the prequel spin-off of the US drama which follows life in and around the brutal environs of Ancient Rome's gladiatorial arenas - Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance and War of the Damned.

Spartacus - Blood and Sand' (2010) follows Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) as he is torn from his wife and thrust into the bloody and merciless world of the arena.

'Spartacus - Gods of the Arena' (2011) acts as the prequel to the first series and focuses on the gladiatorial hero who preceded Spartacus, Gannicus (Dustin Clare), and his ambitious owner, Batiatus (John Hannah).

'Spartacus - Vengeance' (2012) follows on from the events of the initial series and stars Liam McIntyre as Spartacus, who is now the leader of an armed slave rebellion that threatens the very fabric of the Roman Empire.

'Spartacus - War of the Damned' (2013) finds Spartacus (McIntyre) at the head of a rebel army comprised of thousands of freed slaves. With their very right to rule at stake, the Roman Senate assigns Marcus Crassus (Simon Merrells) and a promising young leader named Julius Caesar (Todd Lasance) the task of crushing Spartacus and his troops.

DVD Details

Certificate: 18

Publisher: Anchor Bay

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 29th April 2013

Cat No: ABD1089

DVD Extras

  • 13 discs

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