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Directed by: Woody Allen

Produced: 1986

Countries & Regions: United States

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Certificate: PG

Length: 84 mins

Format: DVD

Region: Region 2

Released: 11 March 2002

Cat No: 21468DVD

Anamorphic (16:9)
Languages(s): English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Hard of Hearing Subtitles: English
Subtitles: French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
Interactive Menu
Scene Access
Screen ratio 1:1.85
Dolby Mono

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Radio Days

Cast: Danny Aiello , Diane Keaton , Mia Farrow , Dianne Wiest , Tony Roberts , Wallace Shawn , Julie Kavner , Seth Green , Tito Puente , Michael Tucker , Bobo Lewis , Gina DeAngelis , Josh Mostel , Kitty Carlisle Hart , Julie Kurnitz

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A series of vignettes depicting life in 1940s New York, a time of recession in which the radio played an important role in people’s... Read More

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A series of vignettes depicting life in 1940s New York, a time of recession in which the radio played an important role in people’s lives. Woody Allen focuses upon a chaotic family in Brooklyn, contrasting their struggles with the lives of the radio stars who live uptown.

With 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' providing the opening music the tone of the film is set with a good cinematic cut-to gag. Because of Woody Allen’s celebrity status when he narrates the film you assume (or at least, I assume) that he is playing himself talking about his past life. In reality the film is probably a fictional autobiography with Woody Allen playing the part of 'Woody Allen'. It would be interesting to play this film to the audience who are unaware of who he is and have never seen or heard of any of his films. They may have a different interpretation of this film to you or I but I wager that like ourselves they would find it inviting, lovable, heart warming and chucklesome.

Woody Allen's voice has an appeal in its pitch and rhythm which probably explains why he was a suitable candidate to be an acting partner for Sylvester Stallone in 'Antz'. His speaking voice carries you within a warm cloud of pleasure that he makes you forget that the film does not follow the "principles" of modern Hollywood narrative. Had Woody Allen took a leaf from Robert McKee then the whole film would have been about his desire to get a Masked Avenger ring. Instead 'Radio Days' is a collection of vignettes from the sad to the heart warming. A suitable way for a film based on remembrance. Do we not tend to remember in vignettes rather than straight narrative? One might put 'Radio Days' in a memory genre alongside Federico Fellini's 'Amacord' and Andrei Tarkovsky's 'Mirror'. The only narrative part of 'Radio Days' is the tale involving Mia Farrow's rise to fame and respectability. It is the film within the film.

'Radio Days' is a suitable film to have in your collection and to show to friends and family for the reason that each person will have something personal to take from it. Invite a small gathering and you will notice that every person will laugh at different aspects featured in the movie. A gentle chuckle as opposed to the infectious belly laugh you will get when watching comedy films that are described as "laugh riots". It does not matter if you are born in 1935, 1965, 1974 or even 1996 for you will feel nostalgic for live dramas advertised by detergents thanks to the joyous feel good comedy film that is 'Radio Days'.

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