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It Happened Here DVD

Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo, 1964


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Film Details

Directed by Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo

Produced in 1964

Main Language - ENGLISH

Countries & Regions - British Film

Film Description

'The German Invasion of England took place in July 1940 after the British retreat from Dunkirk...' This is the starting point of Brownlow & Mollo's remarkable film about life and unwitting collaboration in Occupied England. Controversially, the film lets actual British fascists speak for themselves while presenting the moral dilemmas of getting on with life after conquest in practical, personal terms. The film's attention to authentic detail is also rigorous - at times you could be forgiven for thinking that this actually did happen.

It Happened Here It Happened Here

DVD Details

Certificate: PG

Publisher: FILM

Length: 97 mins

Aspect ratio: 1.33:1

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 30th November 2009

Cat No: FF03

DVD Extras

  • Newsreel footage - original cut
  • American Trailer
  • Galleries of Photographs of Occupied Paris and Production stills
  • Leaflet with introduction from Kevin Brownlow.

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It Happened Here It Happened Here It Happened Here It Happened Here It Happened Here It Happened Here It Happened Here

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Community Reviews

by Anon on 11th March 2008

Review from 1967: ĎI have just seen IT HAPPENED HERE and I thought it was fantastic. Itís among the best films I have ever seen. I was amazed at the production value. ... Read on

by Anon on 8th December 2000

Its 1940 on the western seaboard of the continent of Europe. The retreating British army is driven back to the sea on the beaches of Dunkirk, and makes good its escape... Read on


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