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Dougal and the Blue Cat DVD

Serge Danot, 1970


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Film Details

Directed by Serge Danot

Produced in 1970

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - European Film

MovieMail's Review

The Magic Roundabout faces fade-to-blue in this cuckoo-in-the-nest story for the classic TV show. Fenella Fielding voices the menace, Eric Thompson provides his narration and Nick Riddle reviews.

This feature-length spinoff from the classic TV series The Magic Roundabout has long enjoyed a cult status, and its fans no longer have to put up with their faded old VHS copies.

This is essentially a cuckoo-in-the-nest story in which the cuckoo is blue, feline and thoroughly sociopathic. Dougal is indignant at the appearance of the snide, enigmatic Buxton, who soon becomes his rival for the affections of Florence, Ermintrude, Brian and co - but he soon harbours deeper suspicions about the furry interloper’s true intentions.

There’s a touch of the sinister that the TV episodes never attempted: Buxton takes his orders from the Blue Voice (Fenella Fielding), a malign entity bent on taking over the world; and there’s a sequence involving tribal masks that, I’ll wager, could still spark more than a few childish nightmares. But how discomfited could anyone really be at Eric Thompson’s dry, knowing, world-weary narration?

This spruced-up release includes the original French-language soundtrack, so you also get to watch Pollux et le chat bleu (its French title, naturellement).

Nick Riddle on 27th September 2010
Author of 77 reviews

Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat

Film Description

Something very unusual is happening in the garden. What are those strange noises coming from the old treacle factory? Why is everything turning blue? Dougal decides to investigate in this classic feature length story from the Magic Roundabout.

The arrival in the garden of a blue cat called Buxton soon starts to cause quite a stir. Shortly after Dougal spots Buxton talking to the Blue Voice, all manner of strange goings-on begin to take place. With Buxton eager to take control of the garden, Dougal soon finds himself having to rescue his friends from the clutches of an invading army. A long-unavailable cult classic, this animated film has wide appeal - and Eric Thompson's narration is simply superb. Fenella Fielding voices the Blue Queen.

DVD Details

Certificate: U

Publisher: Second Sight

Length: 85 mins

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 1st November 2010

Cat No: 2NDVD3188

DVD Extras

  • Restored
  • Interviews with Emma Thompson, Sophie Thompson
  • Phyllida Law, Fenella Fielding and Mark Kermode
  • Optional original French version with English subtitles
  • Lobby card / stills gallery

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Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat Dougal and the Blue Cat

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