Demons DVD

aka Demoni, Lamberto Bava, 1985


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Film Details

Directed by Lamberto Bava

Produced in 1985

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - European Film


Bobby Rhodes, Fabiola Toledo, Fiore Argento, Natasha Hovey, Paolo Cozza, Urbano Barberini


Contemporary Horror FilmContemporary Blu-raysSlasher HorrorHorror Blu-rays

Film Description

THE Gonzo Horror movie of the 1980s, Demons is a frenzied slice of gore-heavy shock cinema that throws logic aside and assaults the screen with a riot of X-rated violence, face-chewing zombies and pounding heavy metal.

A group of cinemagoers are issued with invitations to a special film show. The film in question is a gruesome slasher flick, and as the screening progresses members of the audience begin inexplicably transforming into hideous bloodthirsty demons, but as the rest of the audience try to escape, they discover that all the exits have been walled shut...

DVD Details

Certificate: 18

Publisher: Arrow Films

Length: 88 mins

Aspect ratio: 1.66:1

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 30th April 2012

Cat No: FCD438

DVD Extras

  • Reversible sleeve featuring all new artwork by Jeff Zornow and alternate original poster artwork
  • Collector’s Booklet featuring brand new writing on Demons by Calum Waddell
  • Collector’s Comic: ‘Demons 3’ (Part 1 of 2)
  • Audio recollections of director Lamberto Bava, Special Make-Up Creations Artist Sergio Stivaletti and Journalist Loris Curci
  • Audio recollections of the cast and crew, a brand new commentary [2011]
  • Dario’s Demon Days: Producer Dario Argento discusses the inception of Demons
  • Defining an Era in Music: Composer Claudio Simonetti on the Demons Soundtrack
  • Luigi Cozzi’s Top Italian Terrors: Cozzi discusses the highpoints of Spaghetti Splatter.

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