Charlie Chaplin: The Kid DVD

Charlie Chaplin, 1921

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Film Details

Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Produced in 1921

Main Language - Silent

Countries & Regions - American film

MovieMail's Review

Expertly blending comedy with pathos, The Kid may well be the best introduction to Chaplin's brilliance, says James Oliver.

Charlie Chaplin sometimes gets a raw deal from today's film fans not as funny as Buster Keaton, they say. Too mawkish for modern tastes. But such charges are baseless, as a quick viewing of The Kid proves.

The plot is simplicity itself. Chaplin's little tramp finds a baby and raises it as his own son. Once the lad has grown a little into Jackie Coogan all sorts of hi-jinx ensue. The comedy sequences the window smashing or the fight in the ally are some of the best things Chaplin ever did and are all the more piquant for the carefully placed emotion.

Ah yes, 'emotion' the infamous 'sentiment' which contemporary viewers are supposed to find so cloying. But there is nothing sappy about The Kid. It is simple, direct and effortlessly moving; no-one had blended comedy and pathos so explicitly before. Few have bettered it since.

This is a heartfelt film and maybe the best introduction to Chaplin's brilliance: a sharp rejoinder to anyone who thinks he's old hat.

James Oliver on 29th March 2010
Author of 184 reviews

Charlie Chaplin: The Kid Charlie Chaplin: The Kid

Film Description

Charlie's tramp finds an abandoned baby and endeavours to bring it up as best he can. This tear-jerking classic was Chaplin's first feature, and launched the 'kid' of the title, Jackie Coogan, into child stardom. Funny, endearing, sentimental, whatever you like - it's simply a wonderful watch.

DVD Details

Certificate: U

Publisher: Park Circus

Length: 60 mins

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 10th May 2010

Cat No: PC0006

DVD Extras

  • Introduction by David Robinson
  • Chaplin Today
  • Scenes deleted for 1971 release
  • Jackie Coogan Dances
  • Nice and Friendly
  • Recording of the New Score 1971
  • Chaplin Showreel.

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Charlie Chaplin: The Kid Charlie Chaplin: The Kid

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