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Charlie Chaplin, 1921

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Film Details

Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Produced in 1921

Main Language - Silent

Countries & Regions - American film

MovieMail's Review

Expertly blending comedy with pathos, The Kid may well be the best introduction to Chaplin's brilliance, says James Oliver.

Charlie Chaplin sometimes gets a raw deal from today's film fans – not as funny as Buster Keaton, they say. Too mawkish for modern tastes. But such charges are baseless, as a quick viewing of The Kid proves.

The plot is simplicity itself. Chaplin's little tramp finds a baby and raises it as his own son. Once the lad has grown a little – into Jackie Coogan – all sorts of hi-jinx ensue. The comedy sequences – the window smashing or the fight in the ally – are some of the best things Chaplin ever did and are all the more piquant for the carefully placed emotion.

Ah yes, 'emotion' – the infamous 'sentiment' which contemporary viewers are supposed to find so cloying. But there is nothing sappy about The Kid. It is simple, direct and effortlessly moving; no-one had blended comedy and pathos so explicitly before. Few have bettered it since.

This is a heartfelt film and maybe the best introduction to Chaplin's brilliance: a sharp rejoinder to anyone who thinks he's old hat.

James Oliver on 29th March 2010
Author of 185 reviews

Charlie Chaplin: The Kid Charlie Chaplin: The Kid

Film Description

Charlie's tramp finds an abandoned baby and endeavours to bring it up as best he can. This tear-jerking classic was Chaplin's first feature, and launched the 'kid' of the title, Jackie Coogan, into child stardom. Funny, endearing, sentimental, whatever you like - it's simply a wonderful watch.

DVD Details

Certificate: U

Publisher: Park Circus

Length: 60 mins

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 7th November 1994

Cat No: PC0006

DVD Extras

  • Introduction by David Robinson
  • Chaplin Today
  • Scenes deleted for 1971 release
  • Jackie Coogan Dances
  • Nice and Friendly
  • Recording of the New Score 1971
  • Chaplin Showreel.

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Charlie Chaplin: The Kid Charlie Chaplin: The Kid

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