Blood on the Moon DVD

Robert Wise, 1948


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Film Details

Directed by Robert Wise

Produced in 1948

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - American film

MovieMail's Review

By taking on the fatalism of 1940s crime pictures, director Robert Wise created perhaps the finest western noir of them all, says Rick Burin.

The late ‘40s saw the creation of an all-new type of movie: the Western noir. Transplanting the fatalism and pessimism of the decade’s crime pictures to that most American of genres made for a host of cracking pictures, including Station West, Colorado Territory and Raoul Walsh’s Pursued, starring Robert Mitchum.
Mitchum, who once said he had two acting styles, 'with and without a horse', was back in the saddle the following year for perhaps the finest Western noir of them all, Blood on the Moon. Riding into town after a plea from an influential friend (Robert Preston), he’s drawn into a land dispute and forced to choose between the pal he owes and the girl he loves (Barbara Bel Geddes).
Director Robert Wise and virtuosic cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca, who Mitchum said 'lit by cigarettes' because 'the high-priced stars like Cary Grant got all the lights', create a vivid and authentic world, while the compelling narrative contains one of the toughest screen fights ever staged. The acting from Mitchum and Walter Brennan is just terrific.

on 19th August 2010
Author of 52 reviews

Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon

Film Description

A moody noir western, Blood On the Moon stars Robert Mitchum as drifting cowboy Jim Garry, who is called upon by his old friend Tate Riling (Robert Preston) to help him sort out a dispute with cattle rancher John Lufton. But Tate’s got more on his mind than a simple feud: his scheme is to drive Lufton off his land and he doesn’t care how he does it. Jim reluctantly supports Tate at first but, disgusted by his greed, switches sides. Joining Lufton – and his feisty daughter Amy (Barbara Bel Geddes) – Jim finds himself squaring off to his old friend.

DVD Details

Certificate: PG

Publisher: Odeon Entertainment

Length: 88 mins

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 13th June 2011

Cat No: ODNF266

DVD Extras

  • Photo Gallery.

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Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon

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