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Berlin Express DVD

Jacques Tourneur, 1948


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Film Details

Directed by Jacques Tourneur

Produced in 1948

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - American film


Charles Korvin, Merle Oberon, Paul Lukas, Reinhold Schunzel, Robert Coote, Robert Ryan


Classic Drama MoviesClassic Film NoirClassic War MoviesFilm NoirAmerican Film / Classic Movies

MovieMail's Review

Memorable for using a bombed-out Frankfurt as a location after WWII, Berlin Express brought a documentary eye to post-war film noir. Surprisingly Nick Riddle reports that the film predated The Third Man by a year!

Night-time pursuits through postwar ruins, partitioned European cities, black marketeers... Berlin Express predates The Third Man by a year, but somebody should programme them as a double bill.

Jacques Tourneur, director of classics like Cat People and Out of the Past, draws on a range of styles, from Hitchcock and film noir to documentary (complete with sombre voice-over). The plot concerns the kidnapping of a German diplomat who is trying to reunite his country, and the efforts of an ad-hoc alliance of strangers to save him. Robert Ryan is the earnest American groping his way through the bombed-out streets, not to mention the shadowy loyalties of his travelling companions. And a suspicious bunch they are too, a microcosm of the shellshocked, uneasy Europe of the late forties. What makes Berlin Express especially fascinating is how it captures a historical moment when the wounds of the War were still very fresh - the ruins of Frankfurt are shown in sobering detail - but when the idea of friendly relations between the US and the Soviets still seemed tenable.

Nick Riddle on 26th August 2010
Author of 77 reviews

Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express

Film Description

A classic film noir, Berlin Express is set in Germany in the aftermath of World War Two. While journeying by train from Paris to Berlin, a group of passengers, of varying nationalities, become tangled up in a Nazi plan to assassinate Dr. Bernhardt (Paul Lukas), a German war protester. The five travellers must search a war-devasted Frankfurt, in order to unveil a group of Nazi spies.

DVD Details

Certificate: PG

Publisher: Odeon Entertainment

Length: 83 mins

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 2

Released: 20th September 2010

Cat No: ODNF189

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Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express Berlin Express

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