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Directed by: George Stevens

Produced: 1937

Countries & Regions: United States

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Certificate: U

Studio: Screenbound

Length: 96 mins

Format: DVD

Region: Region 2

Released: 18 July 2011

Cat No: ODNF270

Languages(s): English
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A Damsel in Distress

Cast: Fred Astaire , Joan Fontaine , Reginald Gardiner , George Burns , Gracie Allen , Montagu Love , Ray Noble , Constance Collier

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Romantic musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and Joan Fontaine. A famous American dancing star, Jerry Halliday (Astaire), finds himself... Read More




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Romantic musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and Joan Fontaine. A famous American dancing star, Jerry Halliday (Astaire), finds himself falling in love when he shares a cab with a beautiful young English woman (Fontaine). She is in fact the daughter of an aristocrat, but does not reveal her background. After their meeting, Jerry sets about tracking her down. The film also stars real life husband-and-wife team George Burns and Gracie Allen.

With the box-office tide turning against Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with Shall We Dance (1937), RKO was more than happy to team the ageing hoofer with 19 year-old Joan Fontaine in George Stevens's sprightly adaptation of a novel by PG Wodehouse. George Burns and Gracie Allen provided comic support, as Fred's musical comedy star tilts his top hat at Fontaine's rebellious heiress. But the American public inexplicably stayed away. It was their loss. The comedy may not have had the screwball zing that was then in vogue, but there are plenty of droll asides on the class system and the notion that Britain and America were two nations divided by a common language. Moreover, Astaire produced nifty dance routines to such George and Ira Gershwin tunes as `A Foggy Day (In London Town)', `Things Are Looking Up' and `Nice Work If You Can Get It', which afforded him the opportunity to do tap and drum solos. Furthermore, Hermes Pan won the last Dance Direction Oscar for the fun house choreography on `Stiff Upper Lip'.

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