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Directed by: William Cameron Menzies

Produced: 1936

Countries & Regions: United Kingdom

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Certificate: PG

Length: 89 mins

Format: Blu-ray

Region: Region B

Released: 18 June 2012

Cat No: 7957015

Languages(s): English
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Things to Come

Cast: Ralph Richardson , Raymond Massey , Cedric Hardwicke , Ann Todd , John Clements , Edward Chapman , Derrick De Marney , Margaretta Scott , Patrick Barr , Ivan Brandt , Patricia Hilliard , Maurice Braddell , Sophie Stewart , Pearl Argyle , Kenneth Villiers

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In 1940 war hits Everytown and, with its people unprepared, lasts thirty years. A new order, named ’Wings Over the World’, emerges from... Read More




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In 1940 war hits Everytown and, with its people unprepared, lasts thirty years. A new order, named ’Wings Over the World’, emerges from the ruins, led by John Cabal (Raymond Massey). By 2036, Cabal’s grandson Oswald continues his quest towards a society ruled by technology, but the artistic community stage a mass revolt.

Digitally restored from the most complete prints available (all previous versions having been heavily cut since the original release), this new print of HG Wells's visionary paean to scientific progress has been long awaited by sci-fi fans around the world and is due to premiere in London in May.

The film opens to show Christmas, 1940, where a war scare looms over the festivities. The resulting war lasts 30 years, leaving plague-ridden ruins in its wake, and a society that has reverted to warlordism, under the uncertain rule of 'The Boss' (Ralph Richardson). However, unlike many dystopian future films made since, Things to Come holds out the hope that mankind can redeem itself through science.

The scale of the filmmakers' vision of the future, with its believable rendering of a future world, has rarely been surpassed; above all, this is a science fiction story that speaks to the nature of science itself, something most clearly postulated in its justly famous ending with Raymond Massey stating, "The universe or nothing - which shall it be?"

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