Star Trek: First Contact Blu-ray

aka Star Trek 8, Jonathan Frakes, 1996

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Film Details

Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Produced in 1996

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - American film

Film Description

The Borg have once again targeted the Federation; this time, their devious plot threatens not only the present, but Earth's past as well. While Commander Riker, Deanna Troi, and Geordi La Forge work hard on the surface of 21st-century Earth to keep history on schedule, the rest of the crew plays a desperate game with the genetically-networked attackers above the planet, matching former Locutus Jean-Luc and cybernetically-naive Data against the erotic cunning of the Borg queen (Alice Krige).

Blu-ray Details

Certificate: 12

Publisher: Paramount

Length: 106 mins

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 widescreen

Format: Blu-ray Colour

Region: B

Released: 22nd March 2010

Cat No: BSP2073

Subtitles: French, Dutch, German, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian, Italian, Castilian Spanish, European Portuguese, Arabic, English , Hard of Hearing - English

Blu-ray Extras

  • Commentaries: Jonathan Frakes (Director/Actor), Brannon Braga (Writer), Ronald D Moore (Writer), Damon Lindelof, Anthony Pascale
  • Documentaries: 'The Star Trek Universe'
  • Gallery
  • Library Computer, Production, Scene Deconstruction, The Borg Collective, BD-Live: Star Trek IQ, Easter Eggs.

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