Salon Kitty (Director's Cut) Blu-ray

Tinto Brass, 1976


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Film Details

Directed by Tinto Brass

Produced in 1976

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - European Film

Film Description

Director's cut of Tinto Brass's controversial and notorious erotic classic. Set in Berlin in 1939, as the Nazi dictatorship marches inexorably towards war, SS officer Helmut Wallenburg (Helmut Berger) is commanded to establish a brothel catering to the Nazi elite. Wallenburg diligently selects and trains 20 young Aryan women committed to the ideals of National Socialism and prepared to degrade themselves for their masters, setting the scene for an exercise in debauchery and corruption that parallels de Sade's 'One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom', and reflects the growing violence and depravity of the Nazi regime.

Salon Kitty (Director's Cut) Salon Kitty (Director's Cut)

Blu-ray Details

Certificate: 18

Publisher: Argent Film

Length: 133 mins

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 widescreen

Format: Blu-ray Colour

Region: 0

Released: 30th May 2011

Cat No: AGTD016

Blu-ray Extras

  • Tinto Brass Interview
  • Booklet.

Film Stills

Salon Kitty (Director's Cut) Salon Kitty (Director's Cut) Salon Kitty (Director's Cut)

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Community Reviews

by Barry Forshaw on 4th January 2012

The most eye-opening film by director Tinto Brass (apart from his notorious and sexually explicit Caligula) is here available in High Definition for the first time, Sa... Read on


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