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Directed by: BBC

Produced: 2006

Countries & Regions: United Kingdom

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Certificate: E

Studio: 2 Entertain

Length: 420 mins

Format: Blu-ray

Region: Region B

Released: 12 November 2007

Cat No: BBCBD0001

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David Attenborough: Planet Earth - The Complete Series

Cast: David Attenborough

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The latest David Attenborough nature documentary series, shot in HD. This ambitious 2006 series, described as ’the definitive look at the... Read More




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The latest David Attenborough nature documentary series, shot in HD. This ambitious 2006 series, described as ’the definitive look at the diversity of our planet’ was the first ever to be filmed entirely in high definition. Every episode but the first one looks at one of the Earth’s natural habitats and examines its local features, together with the breadth of fauna found there. While filming it, the crew caught several firsts - places and animals never before caught on camera. The fact that it was co-funded by Discovery Channel, BBC and Japan’s NHK, took 5 years to make and was shot in over 200 locations is apparent and the series is everything you’d expect from Sir David Attenborough and his team if they were unconstrained by budget or practicality.

The BBC and David Attenborough have created many memorable series on the natural world over the years, so what's so special about their latest, Planet Earth? Firstly, its style and ethos: conceived after the tremendous success of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth develops the style of the earlier series providing an emotional, epic and cinematic experience. Attenborough’s voiceover is an integral part of this, skilfully weaving narrative threads across the onscreen dramas, his love and respect for the wildlife shining through.

Secondly, due to its adoption of the latest filming technology this programme simply could not have been made before. Filmed in high-definition, the photography is absolutely stunning and crystal clear in this excellent transfer. But the achievement is not just cosmetic; new cameras have allowed the makers to film from greater distances, leaving animals undisturbed in their natural environment. In fact, many of the sequences and animals shown in Planet Earth have never been seen before on film - typically three per episode. This impressive coup is partly down to the new technology, but also thanks to good old-fashioned diligence and patience. Planet Earth is the culmination of four years’ work but frankly, given the results, this doesn't seem long at all – the footage is of such quality that is surprising that they ever managed to capture these scenes at all. A case in point – in the first episode we witness a huge great white shark hunting a sea lion. As the shark begins to break through the surface of the sea, the film enters 40x slow motion – we see in breathtaking clarity the predator leap fully out of the ocean with the sea lion in its teeth, the shark’s entire, massive body twisting in the air before crashing down into the ocean once more. It’s astonishing.

It's difficult not to gush in conveying the strength of the material here. Suffice to say, it’s the most accomplished nature series ever made, and a wonderful viewing experience.

Four years in the making, this stunning series set new landmarks for the already superlative quality of BBC wildlife programmes. Building on the tremendous success of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth develops the style of this earlier series, providing an emotional, epic and wholly cinematic experience, with Attenborough weaving narrative threads through the onscreen dramas, his love and respect for the subject shining through.

The first programme of its kind to be shot in high-definition, Planet Earth is now available on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats, so owners of those players will be able to enjoy the stunning photography as it was meant to be seen. It springs off the screen in almost 3-D quality, and your eyes have to adjust to the superlative definition. It is the pinnacle of the new format and will do more to boost sales of High-Def players than any Hollywood blockbuster: the detail on every feather, hair and scale is crystal clear, bringing the colour and texture of nature into your living room.

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