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Directed by: Roy Ward Baker Terence Fisher Seth Holt

Produced: 1967

Countries & Regions: United Kingdom

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Certificate: 15

Length: 448 mins

Format: DVD

Released: 1 June 2009

Cat No: OPTD1436

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The Best of Hammer Collection

Cast: Paul Eddington , Bette Davis , James Donald , Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing , Andrew Keir , Barbara Shelley , Charles Gray , Thorley Walters , Julian Glover , Jack Lambert , Patrick Mower , Philip Latham , George Woodbridge , Maurice Denham , Jack Watling , Wendy Craig , Derek Fowlds , Susan Denberg , Noel Howlett , Alfred Burke , James Villiers , Colin Jeavons , Francis Matthews , Pamela Franklin , Sandor Eles , Sheila Steafel , Harry Fowler , Charles Tingwell , Bryan Marshall , Peter Copley , Jill Bennett , Edwin Richfield , Peter Blythe , Alec Mango , Walter Brown , Duncan Lamont , June Ellis , Keith Marsh , Nike Arrighi , Hugh Manning , Sarah Lawson , Peter Madden , Rosalyn Landor , Leon Greene , Suzan Farmer , Philip Ray , William Dix , Roger Avon , Kevin Flood , Russell Waters , Allan MacNaughton , Charles Lamb , Bee Duffell , Nora Gordon , Angharad Aubrey , Hugh Futcher , Thomas Heathcote , Grant Taylor , Robert Morris , Maurice Good , Gwen Ffrangcon Davies , Barry Warren

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A collection of five Hammer horror films from the 1960s. In ’The Nanny’ (1965), a nanny (Bette Davis) is hired to look after a... Read More




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A collection of five Hammer horror films from the 1960s. In ’The Nanny’ (1965), a nanny (Bette Davis) is hired to look after a ten-year-old who has just returned from a mental institution. The boy’s mother has just been poisoned and he believes the nanny is to blame. When his aunt arrives and hears the boy’s accusations she sides with the nanny, claiming the boy is making it all up. ’Dracula: Prince of Darkness’ (1965) is the sequel to the 1958 film ’Dracula’. Four English tourists are holidaying in the Carpathians when they meet the unconventional Father Sandor (Andrew Keir) at an inn. He warns them to avoid the local castle if they value their lives, but the next day the quartet find themselves stranded in the mountains after their driver abandons them. When a driverless carriage arrives they board it, intending to travel to the nearest village. However, the carriage instead takes them to the very castle which Sandor warned them against, where they are welcomed by Klove (Philip Latham), sinister manservant of Count Dracula (Christopher Lee). ’Quatermass and the Pit’ (1967) is the Hammer version of the popular TV series. When prehistoric skulls and the remains of an alien spaceship are discovered in the bowels of London’s Underground during an excavation, a weird and powerful force is unleashed, and Professor Quatermass (Keir) is called in to investigate. ’Frankenstein Created Woman’ is the sequel to the 1964 film ’Evil of Frankenstein’. The Baron (Peter Cushing) has taken up residence with well-meaning inebriate Doctor Hertz (Thorley Walters). When Hertz successfully revives Frankenstein after freezing his body, the latter deduces that the human spirit does not leave the body after death, and can therefore be transmuted into another form. He gets the chance to prove his theory when his young assistant, Hans, is hanged for a murder he did not commit, and Hans’ disfigured lover, Christina, commits suicide in despair. After performing cosmetic surgery on Christina, the two scientists successfully transfer Hans’s spirit into her body. However, Hans now sets out to take revenge on those responsible for his death. Finally, in ’The Devil Rides Out’ (1967), the Duc de Richleau (Lee) is concerned by the disappearance of his young friend Simon (Patrick Mower) from the social scene. Accompanied by former army colleague Rex (Leon Greene), de Richleau discovers that Simon has joined a group of Devil worshippers, led by the evil Mocata (Charles Gray). Through de Richleau’s attempts to wrest Simon from Mocata’s influence, Rex becomes romantically involved with Tanith, another member of the cult.

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