The American Friend DVD

Wim Wenders, 1977


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Film Details

Directed by Wim Wenders

Produced in 1977

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - European Film, American film

MovieMail's Review

The American Friend is a most stimulating film
to experience, both, intellectually and visually.
Both Purple Noon and the former film balance each
other beautifully in the telling of the dark
adventures of "The Talented Mr.Ripley", something
the film of the same title failed miserably to do.
Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz shine in the leading
roles and Nicholas Ray in a cameo part as the
supposingly dead painter equally holds his screen
time admirably. Congratulation to Wim Wenders.

on 2nd June 2003
Author of 5 reviews

Film Description

Wenders' homage to film noir in which Dennis Hopper plays a seedy underworld figure who persuades an innocent, honest family man (Bruno Ganz) to become an assassin. Sam Fuller and Nicholas Ray, favourite directors of filmmaker Wim Wenders, both play roles.

Partly inspired by Edward Hopper, it's gorgeous to look at, with much of the film shot through with primary colours that incredibly, never become burdensome or staged. Wenders described this film as full of love and hatred for American cinema. Gripping, with Ganz and Hopper balancing each other beautifully.

DVD Details

Certificate: 15

Publisher: Axiom Films

Length: 123 mins

Aspect ratio: 1:1.78 (16:9) widescreen

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 14th July 2008

Cat No: AXM573

Subtitles: English

Community Reviews

by David Parkinson on 13th May 2003

Having reworked the road movie in many of his earliest outings, Wim Wenders tackled another Hollywood sub-genre, film noir, in this adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's ... Read on


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