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Irina Palm DVD

Sam Garbarski, 2007

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Film Details

Directed by Sam Garbarski

Produced in 2007

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - European Film, British Film

MovieMail's Review

Nominated Best Actress at the 2007 European Film Awards, Marianne Faithfull is quietly brilliant as a shy widow who’d do anything to save her dying grandson. At first glance, mild Maggie seems an oddly understated role for the former 60s wild child, but Irina Palm soon takes an unexpected twist befitting her versatility. Desperate to raise funds for the boy’s hospital treatment, Maggie responds to a ‘Hostess Wanted’ sign at a seedy strip club, naively thinking the role revolves around tea-making. The club’s owner sets her straight: the job involves a repetitive manual chore of a very different kind. It turns out Maggie has quite the knack, and soon funds come flooding in – though she is careful not to share the secret of her success with her prim friend (the wonderful Jenny Agutter) and her son.

In the wrong hands, this could have been yet another bittersweet Brit-com, but Garbarski dodges the clichés to deliver a comedy-drama that is warm, witty yet grounded. Faithfull’s return to the limelight will hopefully begin another chapter in her long career.

Milo Wakelin on 10th September 2008
Author of 106 reviews

Film Description

An engaging and humorous British drama with Marianne Faithfull giving a great performance in the lead role.

Middle-aged Maggie must find a way to get enough money for her grandson’s lifesaving medical treatment. With all financial resources exhausted, Maggie knows she must take drastic action. When a “Hostess Wanted” sign catches her eye, Maggie naively stumbles into a city sex club. The true job description is quite a surprise for the respectable, middle-class widow, even if she isn’t a prude. But unskilled Maggie accepts this as her fastest way to raise the urgently needed cash. Maggie’s double life quickly attracts the attention of her gossipy neighbour’s prying eyes. The headstrong woman remains steadfastly discreet, keeping the money’s origins secret from even her own suspicious son. But discovery is inevitable and Maggie must confront provincial hypocrisy’s ugly face, as well as question her own morals. As she holds her head high, gracious Maggie just might find more than family love…

DVD Details

Certificate: 15

Publisher: Soda Pictures

Length: 103 mins

Aspect ratio: 1:1.78 (16:9) widescreen

Format: DVD Colour

Region: 2

Released: 4th October 2010

Cat No: SODA078

DVD Extras

  • Interviews with Marianne Faithfull, Sam Gabarski and Miki Manojlovic
  • Production notes.

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