Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) DVD

Brian Desmond Hurst, 1951

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Film Details

Directed by Brian Desmond Hurst

Produced in 1951

Main Language - English

Countries & Regions - British Film

Film Description

Brian Desmond Hurst's classic adaptation of Dickens' Christmas tale about a miser who unexpectedly discovers the Christmas spirit. Ebenezer Scrooge (a superb Alastair Sim) is so mean-spirited that he even begrudges having to give his clerk, Bob Cratchit (Mervyn Johns), the day off for Christmas. Then, alone at home on Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his late partner, Jacob Marley (Michael Hordern), who warns him that he will be visited by three spirits in an attempt to make him change his hard-hearted ways...

Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) Scrooge (Hurst, 1951)

DVD Details

Certificate: U

Publisher: Simply Media

Length: 86 mins

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Format: DVD B&W

Region: 0

Released: 15th November 2010

Cat No: 103464

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Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) Scrooge (Hurst, 1951) Scrooge (Hurst, 1951)

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Community Reviews

by Anon on 1st December 2004

All I can say is it's brilliant. Watch out for the other man in the mirror near the end. Read on

by Anon on 21st December 2002

The definitive Scrooge. A truly awesome performance by a gifted actor; Alistair Sim. For its day and age this movie was a true gem and marvel. The scenes flow beautifu... Read on


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