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Directed by: Frank Launder Sidney Gilliatt Sidney Gilliat

Produced: 1946

Countries & Regions: United Kingdom

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Certificate: PG

Length: 90 mins

Format: DVD

Region: Region 2

Released: 17 April 2006

Cat No: 7952429

Languages(s): English
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Green for Danger

Cast: Alastair Sim , Sally Gray , Trevor Howard , Leo Genn , Judy Campbell , Rosamund John , George Woodbridge , Megs Jenkins , Ronald Adam , Henry Edwards

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Classic British murder-mystery, starring Alastair Sim. In August 1944, German flying bombs are raining down on London. Directly under... Read More




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Classic British murder-mystery, starring Alastair Sim. In August 1944, German flying bombs are raining down on London. Directly under their flight path is a small cottage hospital, where the tension is becoming unbearable for the dedicated team of surgeons and nurses. Their close-knit community is torn apart by jealousy and terrible secrets, and when the local postman is brought in, delirious but trying to impart an urgent message - the murders begin. The eccentric and irreverent Inspector Cockrill (Sim) of the Kent County Police is called in to investigate a truly baffling case where everyone has secrets, but where no-one appears to have a motive.

Directed and produced by Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder, the British mystery-comedy Green for Danger is a rare treat. Featuring the incomparable Alastair Sim as Cockrill, a bumbling Scotland Yard detective and the redoubtable Trevor Howard as a suspicious doctor, the plot is a convoluted murder mystery in which five people have motive and means to commit murder -- but whodunit?

Set in a rural British hospital (that looks like an Elizabethan mansion) during the latter stages of World War II, two people are murdered before you can say "buzz bomb". The first suspicious death occurs when a postman suddenly dies on the operating table after receiving an anaesthetic. This is soon followed by the death of Nurse Marion Bates (Judy Campbell) after she announces at a party that she has found evidence to expose the killer. The possible killer includes the uptight Dr. Barnes (Trevor Howard), the emotionally unstable Nurse Sanson (Rosamund John), Nurse Woods (Megs Jenkins), Nurse Linley (Sally Gray), the object of affection from both doctors, and the philandering surgeon, Mr. Eden (Leo Genn). Each one of the suspects looks and acts guilty.

There are many twists and turns and, without giving anything away, a staged mock operation after an attempted third murder ultimately will tell the tale. But the film belongs to Alastair Sim. The word whimsical must have been invented with him in mind. You just cannot take things too seriously when he is around. His capricious charm and impudent smile lights up every dark shadow in the old hospital. Green for Danger is a bit stodgy but lots of fun.

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