Classic Family Films

Various (Compilation), 1946


Lassie Collection

Lassie, the ever-dependable rescue dog, comes to the aid of some more hapless humans as they get ...


Scott Jeralds, 2006


Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers

Tired of swabbing the deck all day, cabin moggie Tom is in for a surprise when a ...


Various (Animation), 1985


Thundercats (Season 1, Volume 1)

The first part of the first series of the cult animation series, featuring the im...


Norman Tokar, 1965


Those Calloways

Charming family film from Disney, in which an eccentric father plans to save his town's geese fro...


James Neilson, 1964


The Moon-Spinners

Based on the novel by Mary Stewart, this family adventure sees Hayley Mills involved in a jewel t...


Various (Animation), 1930-49


Casper The Friendly Ghost & Felix The Cat

A collection of cartoons featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost - The Friendly Ghost...


John S Robertson, 1935


Our Little Girl

Shirley Temple plays the little girl who is so upset by her parents' divorce that she runs away f...


Robert Stevenson, 1968


Blackbeards Ghost

Blackbeard has been cursed by his wife so that his spirit constantly lingers between the world of...


Various (Animation), 1960s & 70s


The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection (UMD)

All 124 of the original Pink Panther cartoons. The creation of Friz Freleng and D...


Harold Schuster, 1948


So Dear To My Heart

A delightful Disney film which combines live-action with animation and tells the story of a young...


Norman Foster, 1955


Davy Crockett - King Of The Wild Frontier

Originally produced as 3 x 50 minute episodes for TV before being transferred to ...


Gerry Anderson, 1966-68


Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird Six (Box Set)

Double bill of feature-length spin-offs from the classic puppet series.


Ken Hughes, 1968


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Collectors Pack)

A truly magical, musical adventure for the family from the book by Ian Fleming an...


Norman Ferguson, 1943


Saludos Amigos

Live action and animation. A Disney crew tour South America. Interlinked with their travels are f...