Classic Family Films

Tim Whelan, Michael Powell, 1940


The Thief of Bagdad

Probably the best film of its genre, telling of a small boy who experiences a series of magical a...


Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronomi, 1953


Peter Pan (Disney)

The classic Walt Disney animation taken from JM Barrie's stage play. The magic begins when Peter ...


Harold Schuster, 1943


My Friend Flicka

A young boy (Roddy McDowall) is determined to befriend and tame a wild horse in this screen versi...


Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, 1951


Alice in Wonderland (Disney)

Lewis Carrollís novel was an unusual choice for Disney, but this colourful adapta...


Aardman Animations , 2006


Recommended Star

Shaun The Sheep - Shape up with Shaun

Originally introduced as a sidekick of Wallace and Gromit in the Oscar-winning sh...


Gerry Anderson, 1966-68


Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird Six (Box Set)

Double bill of feature-length spin-offs from the classic puppet series.


Robert Stevenson, 1964


Mary Poppins

Stuffy parents in Victorian London are looking for a nanny, but the children write their own ad w...


Robert Stevenson, 1961


In Search Of The Castaways

An exciting tale of two children who, with the help of an eccentric professor, se...


Oliver Postgate, Peter Firmin, 1975


Ivor the Engine: Complete

A collection of all 24 colour episodes from the classic children's series featuri...


Alexander Mackendrick, 1963


Recommended Star

Sammy Going South

After an air raid in Port Said kills his parents, Sammy Hartland (Fergus McLelland) is left alone...


David Hand, 1937


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney, 1937)

Disney's classic animated adaptation of the famous fairytale was their first full...


Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, 1940


Pinocchio (Disney)

Walt Disney's second full-length animated feature focuses on the famous wooden puppet who wants n...


Various (Animation), 1940



The famously ambitious animated epic from Disney studios in which eight animated segments are set...


Various (Animation), 1965-66



All thirty-two episodes of Gerry Anderson's cult Supermarionation series in one box set. In 'Trap...


Various (Animation), 1940s - 1050s


Looney Tunes Golden Collection

Over six hours of Looney Tunes! All the favourites are here - Bugs Bunny, Daffy D...


T V , 1940s-


Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol 1 (Animated)

This collection contains 24 of the best cartoons fr...


David Hand, Brian Pimental, 2005


Bambi / Bambi 2: The Great Prince of the Forest

A double-pack containing Bambi (1942) and its sequel, Bambi 2: The Great Prince o...


Wolfgang Reitherman, 1961


101 Dalmatians

Classic Disney animation about Pongo and Perdita, two brave dogs who must prevent 99 Dalmatian pu...