Johnny To Films


Johnny To, 2005

Two members of Shanghai's oldest triad attempt to win the local election for the new chairman through fair means or foul in this slick gangster film from gen... More

£9.99 DVD

Election 2

Johnny To, 2006

Aka Triad Election. As election time nears, current Triad chairman Lok faces competition from his godsons. At the same time, Jimmy looks to increase his busi... More

£10.99 DVD

Exiled (aka Fong Juk)

Johnny To, 2006

When freedom fighter Filipe Soto flees to the USA with his wife and baby following the handover of Macau to Chinese rule in 1998, he finds himself hunted dow... More

£8.99 DVD

Fulltime Killer

Johnny To, 2001

A thriller set in the world of professional killing, with the dedicated O and the newcomer Tok, who wants to challenge O's supremacy. More

£8.99 DVD

Triangle (Lam, 2007)

Hark Tsui, Ringo Lam, 2007

Three of Hong Kong's greatest directors - Ringo Lam, Johnny To and Hark Tsui combine talents to create a lively action thriller in which three friends decide... More

£6.99 DVD