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Armchair Theatre: Volume 1

Piers Haggard, Jim Goddard, 1970-73

Armchair Theatre was ITVís flagship drama anthology series. Initially screened between 1956 and 1973, it was hugely popular, with viewing figures occasionall... More

£9.99 DVD

The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder: Complete Series

Dennis Vance, Guy Verney, 1969

This classic Thames drama series, based on the short stories by Edgar Wallace, features one of the unlikeliest fictional sleuths: Mr. J.G. Reeder, a mild-man... More

£19.99 DVD

The Anatomist

Dennis Vance, 1961

A classic British horror, The Anatomist is based on the story of the notorious bodysnatchers Burke and Hare. Alistair Sim plays Dr Knox, the man who needs fr... More

£11.99 DVD