Rowland V. Lee Films

Tower of London

Rowland V. Lee, 1939

Itís the 15th century and Richard Duke of Gloucester has set out to eliminate those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother Ki... More

£9.99 DVD

The Son of Monte Cristo

Rowland V. Lee, 1941

Classic Hollywood swashbuckler. In 1865, General Gurko Lanen (George Sanders) is the evil dictator of the European state of "Lichtenburg". The rightful ruler... More

£7.99 DVD

The Toast of New York

Rowland V. Lee, 1937

A 1930s comedy starring Cary Grant, The Toast of New York is set during the American Civil War, where Jim Fisk (Edward Arnold) and Nick Boyd (Grant) smuggle ... More

£7.99 DVD